What is the right tool for MOOCs and for sharing knowledge with the world?


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Medison University-Teachers, Ambassadors and Mentors

Hello to all DNLE members!

I hope that you are fine. During this period of time, I have kept contact with some DNLE members. However, I decided to open a post today in order to call all the users that took part in DNLE because Medison University is planning to open its doors soon. At this moment, we are finding: Teachers, Ambassadors & Mentors.

In case you are interested, let me know by sending me an mail or by putting a message here.

Many thanks and I hope you are very well!!


Sara - Coordinator at Medison University.

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MOOCs: The Future Or Not?

The other day I heard the former Minister of Education in Sweden had forbidden the Swedish universities to offer MOOCs. There was also a $2 million fine on those who ignored the orders.

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Dr. C. Annamalai

Under construction.

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Higher Education in the MOOC age: collaboration and collective intelligence


Hi guys,

time ago, during our DNLE course, I wrote this article for an Italian journal: Higher Education in the MOOC age: collaboration and collective intelligence

If you want to add observations and suggestions, you are welcome! Thank you very much. 

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Calling all DNLE alumi:

We are doing a follow up survey of DNLE graduates for part of a research project for Paul Kim. It may be part of future publication.
This is an opportunity to influence improvements on the next session of DNLE.

Thank you for your passion and commitment to design new learning environments for all.

Contact Mira Gillet (Peace Game) if you can take the survey.


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The SLEEPE Framework- Facebook link

Hello guys!! smileyA long time since I dont come online here, but I have been very busy with many courses, and classes at Universities and so on.... I am making also the course from World Peace Game Online! more than 70 people!! awesomeee!!!!

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Developing and evolving MOOC-Landscape...

We are aware of (currently more than 60 Universities and more than 300 classes) and (currently 12 Universities and about 30 classes), but many new platforms and MOOC providers are being developed.

But are you aware of different approaches such as

- Stanford's different approaches and platforms,

- (which also allows smaller Universities or Community Colleges or other institutions to create MOOCs), (NB: this platform contains much about teaching and elearning),

- (Australia's Open consortium), or

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Stanford and edX start cooperation!

Stanford and edX start cooperation!

Have you seen this: URL:

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Coursera is openly talking about future monetizing strategy

Coursera is openly talking about future monetizing strategy... see URL:


For the next two years the so called 'signature track' will play an important role in earning money for

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