Below is a list of contact information for the site administrators and moderators; for details about just who does what exactly, visit this forum thread: Meet Your Site Admins.

Paul Kim (course instructor): email:

Pamela Levine (Fall2012 course TA): email:

Anne Lewis (Fall2012 student): profile page - email:

Marc Schnau (Fall2012 student): profile page - email:

Sudarshan R (Fall2012 student): profile page - email:

Roz Hussin (Fall2012 student): profile page - email:

Don Arnoldy (Fall2012 student): profile page - email:

We also have an email address used for system emails from the site - - and we are trying to monitor that email inbox regularly, but if you write to that email and do not hear back within a day or so, please feel free to contact Anne, Laura, Marc or Sudarshan at their email address as shown above. :-)

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