Coursera is openly talking about future monetizing strategy


Coursera is openly talking about future monetizing strategy... see URL:


For the next two years the so called 'signature track' will play an important role in earning money for

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money makes the world go round

Yep! I saw that article too.

Made me decide NOT to continue in a MOOC that I was taking with Coursera.

But then I got over it, and decided to take the course anyway... for free.

Who needs the money endorsement anyway?

money money money...

Basically, I'd like to think that "education" should remain free for student.

Then, questionning me about how universities, colleges etc. could support their costs to maintain a  good quality of learning, a small fee asked to a student for the endorsement is not shoking me too much, except that a lot of students will not have the capabilty to afford it...

And what put me in alert, beyond the nice speeches&articles, is the fear that this kind of model will become a money-making-machine : more students, more money...

re: money money money


I totally agree. The business of education needs a total overhaul. A new model. The MOOC model is a promising idea, but it is still at its infancy stage. Not yet developed to be a reliable model that ensures a level playing field while maintaining quality assurance and applicability in all areas. Right now, even in its infancy, MOOCs are already being abused and exploited for money. It will take several more rounds of development and evolution before a "good" model emerges.

BTW, have you tried joining in some of the active discussions in G+ surrounding this topic? You should. There are many DNLE-ers who are super active in G+, discussing, debating, and proposing all sorts of different ideas surrounding this very topic. Go into G+ and do a search on MOOCs. A good place to start, in addition to our DNLE G+ space, might be to follow Laura Gibb's G+ space.

Hope to see you in those discussions!


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