Developing and evolving MOOC-Landscape...


We are aware of (currently more than 60 Universities and more than 300 classes) and (currently 12 Universities and about 30 classes), but many new platforms and MOOC providers are being developed.

But are you aware of different approaches such as

- Stanford's different approaches and platforms,

- (which also allows smaller Universities or Community Colleges or other institutions to create MOOCs), (NB: this platform contains much about teaching and elearning),

- (Australia's Open consortium), or

- the british approach (to be started with 18 UK Universities and The Open University).


Do you know more?

What do you think?


Best, Carsten

Last modified Sun, 14 Apr, 2013 at 1:40


comparison study


I apologize that I didn't see this post earlier. But it's not to late, I hope.

Are you interested in looking into this further? I'm currently helping Paul Kim to write a paper which talks about this... the comparison between the various platforms and pedagogies of different MOOCs. Would you be interested in joining forces?

Email me if you are, ok?


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