DNLE publication


Hello everyone in DNLE.

I'm not sure if all members in this community are still active or still check messages, but in case anyone reads this, FYI, is arranging to publish an article to highlight DNLE graduates. The focus of the featured stories could be from several angles:

- DNLE final projects that materialized into real life efforts
- skills/knowledge gained from DNLE applied into real life scenarios
- friendships/communications formed during DNLE continuing till today
- awareness/engagement in sustainable learning ecosystems in real life/work
- or any other relevant areas of development

If anyone is interested in contributing, please message me here in G+, or, feel free to email me at rozh@stanford.edu (I'm helping to collate the materials for the article). Thanks.

Last modified Sun, 21 Apr, 2013 at 22:41

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