Feedback about DNLE Fall 2012


"In comparison to my 5 years studying in an Ivy League University, my overall 12 years of being an awards scholar, and my 20+ years of professional experience, the past 6 weeks of being in this MOOC is by far the MOST engaging social learning experience that I have EVER had in my ENTIRE life." - Roz Hussin, DNLE 1 - Fall 2012

"This course has been a new experience for me, and I have found the assignments to be challenging and eye-opening, and the team format to be highly conducive to looking at education in a new way. As a public classroom teacher in the U.S., I have also appreciated the broad range of perspectives and educational challenges that have been presented here." - Kristy Bateman, DNLE 1 - Fall 2012

"What is great about this course is the design of the overall learning experience. It is both engaging and inspiring. Thank you for designing and teaching this course -and everyone that facilitates it-. I have learned a lot in just one month and I am really glad I was lucky enough to get enrolled in time!" - Ioanna Fergadiotou, DNLE 1 - Fall 2012


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