MOOCs: The Future Or Not?


The other day I heard the former Minister of Education in Sweden had forbidden the Swedish universities to offer MOOCs. There was also a $2 million fine on those who ignored the orders.

Recently the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education ( excluded Sweden's universities because of lacking in European Standards and Guidelines. The report basically says the quality of research is controlled too much by the politicians and not by scientific institutions and international research organizations to ensure the quality level of the research (being significantly too low), as well as the learning outcome from the Swedish universities.

The very same government and Minister of Education now forces the Swedish Universities to close down their MOOCs, saying this is not the future of education.

Medison University, an English based online university founded by me (who is a Swede), is trying to convince the Swedish government, politicians and scientists on the education area that this is a wrong conclusion and that the government must open up the Swedish market for Medison and its MOOCs.

MOOCs can, and will most certainly, become shaped after a time and evaluations given by millions of students world wide, but to stand aside from online education, banning the universities who offer MOOCs is most definitely wrong, in my opinion.

The Swedish government should take the responsibility of giving grants to any university who wants to offer MOOCs to the Swedish students, as well as offering Swedish courses to foreign students word wide, and should therefore invite Medison to become the accredited Swedish MOOC university because of its visions and future concepts in Lifelong Learning based on an international standard for higher educations!




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MOOC's are the future

Of course,  MOOC's are the future and is going to change the boring and traditional methodologies in Education.

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