What is the right tool for MOOCs and for sharing knowledge with the world?



I often get questions on what is the best tool for online studies and have up until now been giving the same answer to all: "It depends on who is using it and what people feel is right for them". But now something happened and a new tool has been presented through the app Periscope. 


Let me explain why that is a tool that I would have come up with almost exactly the way it is if I had been a programmer for apps.


First of all I am aware of that many people reading this will oppose what I am stating. That's okay, because already 20 years ago, back in 1995, when I was a keynote speaker at many seminars and events talking about the WWW (World Wide Web) as the future of learning, I got criticized by people, teachers, politicians and universities. This was the time when most people used the WWW for searching for Pamela Anderson, and few knew, or would recognize that something used for such "bad" moral things could or even SHOULD be involved when teaching children and students. Look where we are today.


So, Periscope. What makes it so great that I am prepared to put my head out there and once again foretell this is the kind of tools we need for MOOCs?


Well, to start with, it is a tool for communication and not only spreading information. I have always stated that learning is a dialogue between people and a way for more than one part to make their voice heard. But talking to thousands of students at the same time and listening to all of the students, all with different languages and level of language skills, is very confusing and also not practically working with several people talking at the same time. Not only is it technically limited with microphones that turns off the speakers for hearing, but also very few people can manage listening to more than one conversation or person simultaneously.


A combination of where the teacher, a professor or an expert from any field can receive feedback, questions and interact with the students and still not be overvocied by the audience is exactly what Periscope offers. Sure, there are still some minor technical parts that can be improved, just like the first web browsers and search engines back in the 90's, but the concept is the best today.


This is why we at Medison University will use Periscope for our MOOCs and in a press release, that was sent out to top newspapers in the USA, I declare why we at Medison see this as the right tool for MOOCs.


Here comes the press release that we have sent out to top newspapers in the USA:


Medison University to use Periscope for MOOCs


The new app called Periscope can show LIVE streaming videos and is becoming very popular among people all over the world.


Now, the Medison University is calling people to start using it in their MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – as a tool for taking classes with the courses offered.


“We encourage all our teachers and students to use Periscope”, says Valdi Ivancic, the founder of the Medison Univeristy. “In fact, we are introducing Periscope in all of our divisions at Medison Group”, he says and explains why he came to New York during the Periscope Summit in Septemeber.


“I believe Periscope has a fantastic potential but it is in its early days yet. Too many users and viewers of the 'scopes' out there are not quite sure what to use it for. This is why we want to contribute with content and good use of the excellent app!”, says the serial entrepreneur from Sweden.


Periscope is a part of the world now and if we use it in a good way it will help and simplify the lives of many people out there according to Valdi Ivancic. He also says it will bring forward facts to the people in many cases where media and politicians have failed.


“It is easier to believe what someone is broadcasting LIVE from his or hers smartphone from an earthquake, an ongoing war or a demonstration on the streets, than journalists intrviewing one another about what their thoughts are about what is happening far away. It is practically not possible for news stations to have people all over the world at the exact right moment. With Pericsope we can bring the real news directly to the people through our brand new modern media center called medisonglobe.com”, says Valdi Ivancic.



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